"Inspiring young mathematicians one dance step at a time."

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Dance Equations is a math dance system that helps educators teach math to all grade levels through arts integration. It is designed to supplement any math curriculum. More specifically, the books and resources demonstrate how to teach dance curriculum and how to use it as a fundamental teaching tool. In fact, dance is often a better way to introduce mathematical concepts and this system can replace work done sitting at a desk with group work, centers, creative workshops, and online learning.

Dance Equations is designed to make math fun and get kids dancing!

You don’t need any formal dance training to use our lessons. Through Dance Equations, you will learn how to guide students through their own math dance discoveries. This is what makes Dance Equations distinct from other programs.


Through Dance Equations you will discover:

  • cross-curricular linkages to further enhance what you already know;

  • new ways to integrate mathematics with other subject areas,

  • many tools to engage ESL students and children with learning disabilities;

  • new methods to energize and motivate your students;

  • and, another way to enhance your drama and dance curriculum.


The most effective way to implement Dance Equations is to purchase a Member's Package. Through the member's area, you will have access to all of the eBooks, video pages, music, and newly created content. In addition we provide supplemental math resources, private coaching, and online dance courses. If you are familiar with the program and would like to purchase an instant download, you may do so here. The three products below are considered the base and starting point of the program.