Frequently asked questions

What grade is Dance Equations for?

The exercises and lessons in the BEYOND MOVEMENT eBook were developed by Miranda during her years working within elementary schools. It can be used for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 easily. The program was designed to help teachers, with no dance experience, to teach dance and to use mathematics as a theme. In addition to drawing inspiration from mathematics, it teaches mathematical concepts through exploring space, time, force, and body. Students in secondary or high school can also use the DANCE EQUATIONS method of teaching mathematics. The BEYOND MOVEMENT resource explains the foundation of the method. Older students should work through the book quickly, using it as an introduction to the concept of utilizing mathematics to create dance. They should then focus more on choreography and the use of advanced mathematical problems. Contact Miranda if you require lessons for older students. She is currently creating a second edition of BEYOND MOVEMENT.

Are there group discounts available for teachers?

Yes! We want DANCE EQUATIONS in every school. Dance is a fantastic way to enhance your curriculum. The best way to introduce the program to your school is through the 3-hour teacher's workshop available from the site. Teachers who complete the workshop will have access to; videos, the BEYOND MOVEMENT eBook, additional exercises, the MP4 collection DANCE TO MY EQUATION, and support. Discounts are available for groups of over 5 people. Discounts vary depending on the size of the group. The workshop rate of $60 is reduced between 20% and 30% with a free workshop for the host or contact who is organizing the event.

Is BEYOND MOVEMENT too easy for students with dance experience?

Students who’ve had professional dance experience may find some of the exercises easy. However, every professional dancer uses improvisation to develop choreography. Especially if looking for original movement aesthetics. In our experience, students with dance training like ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop may have difficulty coming up with their own movement and will rely on steps they know. For these students, it is important to move them out of that comfort zone. They should focus on finding their own expression, develop their own steps, and focus on using mathematics to create original choreography.

Can I see a sample lesson and video?

Lessons, videos, and other support materials are all accessible in the paid members’ area. If you would like to see any examples please contact Miranda through email or the WIX app and she will send you the samples you require. Her email is danceequations@gmail.com.

Is Miranda available for workshops in person?

Miranda is always looking to work with schools and school boards. She currently lives in San Jose, Costa Rica, and works primarily online. However, having Miranda in person is always an option. This would require you to pay travel and accommodation expenses in addition to her workshop fees.

Can Miranda teach choreography to advanced dance students?

Miranda has worked with art schools in the past as an artist in residence. Her production called “DUST…” is a 30-minute full-length piece that involves all the concepts outlined in BEYOND MOVEMENT. It was developed with professional dancers and has been performed through dance companies. If you would like Miranda to set this piece on your students or with your dance company, please contact her at danceequations@gmail.com.