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Dance Equations online courses for teachers

Math Designs By Miranda

Add a splash of style to your classroom!
Explore Etsy and Miranda's math accessories.

In addition to enjoying dance in the classroom, you can uplift students by adding style elements to your space. If you would like classroom posters and other accessories, you can choose from Miranda's products on Esty or work with her to design your own.

Miranda can create custom posters for themes you want to display, fashion, and other teaching resources. You can find her journals on Amazon and math games on

Teachers Pay Teachers.


These notebooks were designed to optimize your organizational needs. The journals include monthly planning, schedule, lesson ideas, reading/resource lists, and budgeting pages. In addition, there are blank lines pages giving you ample space for more general


Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 11.56.21.png


Teaching resources such as posters, math bingo games, math mazes, and fraction cards can be found on Miranda's Teacher Pay Teacher's account. Follow Miranda via her TPT page and contact Miranda if you want her to create custom designs.

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