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Mathematics Live On Stage

Dance Equations & Kompany (DEKO) is available for performances. The company's production Dust... can be performed in theaters or school settings.

Dust... demonstrates the mathematical themes and exercises from Dance Equations on stage through an exhilarating live dance presentation. It is a 30-minute journey through the realms of movement-inspired math with music, poetry, and projection. This repertoire pairs with the Dance Equations program and can include a variety of workshops. DEKO's home is in Costa Rica, however, we are prepared to travel internationally.

Contact us if you would like to host an event.

Dust 1
Dust 2
Dust 3
Dust 4
Dust 5
Dust 6
Dust 7
Dust 8
Dust 9
Dust 10
Dust 11
Dust 12
Dust 13
Dust 14
Dust 15

"Inspiring young mathematicians,
one dance step at a time."

*an English version of the performance is available.

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Available Anytime!

DEKO performs on a regular basis. Focused on Dance Theater in a spirit of inclusivity, the repertoire incorporates several short dance pieces approximately 5 to 10 minutes in length. These performances do not need to be presented in a theatre setting. They are wonderful dances for festivals, markets, and other celebrations. We perform without travel expenses in the central valley of Costa Rica and towns around San Jose. We are available for international performances as well.

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