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Join Dance Equations Today!

Enjoyed by thousands of students and teachers worldwide.

  • Dance Equations Material

    Access The Course Platform - Learn At Your Own Pace
    • 50+ videos of course content
    • Beyond Movement resource guide
    • Mathematics & Choreography resource guide
    • Dance To My Equations MP3 collection
    • Bonus digital classroom material, flash cards & handouts
  • Mejor precio/calidad

    1-Year Subscription With Coaching

    Cada mes
    Grade Focused Individual Coaching (K through 12)
    Válido por 12 meses
    • Beyond Movement resource guide
    • Choreography & Mathematics resource guide
    • Access to Dance Equations live sessions and course videos
    • 30-day Introduction to Modern Dance on-line course videos
    • Additional support material including MP3 collection
    • Coaching with Miranda
  • Learn Modern Dance

    30-Day Online Course and Introduction to the Limón Technique
    Válido por 3 meses
    • Introduction to the Limón Technique
    • Thirty 10-20 minute lessons
    • Video demonstrations with descriptions & music
    • Finale - a full Limón class with music
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