The book includes lesson plans, diagrams, musical suggestions, and a glossary of dance terminology. Beyond Movement goes into detail about the space you need, the clothing the students should wear, how to structure a class, and technical requirements.


Beyond Movement is not based on grade levels. However, it is important that teachers wishing to incorporate Dance Equations into their school curriculum understand dance concepts by reading Beyond Movement. You are welcome to schedule a Skype workshop session or to join one of our webinars should you have any questions. Miranda is available to demonstrate how to take each lesson further, incorporate other curriculum or physically demonstrate exercises you don’t understand. Either become a member or receive a free consultation with this purchase.


Dance Equations offers a math dance program for educators, a professional and comprehensive dance program that utilizes dance to teach the mathematical curriculum in a way that:


  • Saves Time – by a direct application of concepts, eliminating the need for testing

  • Connects – helps kinesthetic learners who need to move and explore concepts

  • Inspires – allows students important time out of their seat to do something fun

  • Enhances Learning – generates blood floor to the brain to stimulate learning

  • Improves Health – exercise creates a strong class who can express themselves

  • Works with Disabilities – dance is a great tool for students who may be partially blind, unable to read or students unable to use traditional learning methods

  • Communicates Ideas – by working with ESL students in a way that they can express themselves through movement

Beyond Movement

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  • BEYOND MOVEMENT is a comprehensive guide that demonstrates how to teach mathematics using dance in the classroom. This is an introductory resource to Dance Equations. If you have never taught dance or movement it's the perfect guide to get started.  The book focuses on teachers without dance teaching experience. Once you have an understanding of how to use dance in your classroom, you'll be ready for more. The next Dance Equations resource CHOREOGRAPHY & MATHEMATICS which will take you further into the math-dance connection. 

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