Educator, Curriculum Design & Consultant, known as Professor Pi

Joshua AKA Professor Pi is currently ECO coordinator at Country Day School in Costa Rica. Formerly an accomplished math and science teacher, he is Dance Equations’ online math tutor in addition to the programs lead consultant. 

Joshua began his educational career in 2007 as a elementary teacher. However, highlights of his career include teaching 1st through 9th grade. He has tutored high school, university, and professionals in math, chemistry, English, and Spanish.

​Joshua received a teaching degree from Eastern Washington University. Early in his career, he taught science within several international schools in Santiago, Chile where he became fluent in Spanish. He returned to the USA and resumed as a science teacher before working at the Catalina Island Environment Leadership Program (CELP) which greatly influenced his teaching style by taking students out of the classroom environment for learning.  After CELP Joshua moved to Costa Rica to teach at Dolphin's Academy and remained in the country to develop Niños del Sol Eco-School (a three-year educational project that connected the classroom pedagogy to the Earth, community, and the ocean “ECO”). In addition, Joshua taught mathematics at the prestigious Country Day School where he remains to lead the "Green Team" and to continue the school’s work towards sustainability as ECO coordinator. 

His mission is to create a paradigm shift in the educational system and the way schools develop curricula. Thus, he is excited to be working with Dance Equations and to assume the onscreen role of Professor Pi. The professor will be making appearances in the upcoming episodes of Dash’s Dance Equations. Specifically, Joshua is offering math tutoring as Professor Pi through the Dance Equations’ coaching platform.