Drummer, Composer & Educator

Miranda and Chris have worked alongside one another since 1998 when Miranda was a member of the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. Teaming up for workshops in schools throughout Ontario, the two were a dynamic duo, loved by students fortunate to have been among schools in CCDT's outreach program.


Cherished for his dynamic drumming and kind demeanor, Chris was Miranda's first choice of musicians hired to help her develop music for the BEYOND MOVEMENT curriculum guide. The music on the DANCE TO MY EQUATIONS compilation was both composed and performed by Chris.


Chris Cawthray is a drummer, composer, and educator. His career spans three decades and includes international concert touring, creating music and soundtracks for film, theatre, and dance. He creates unique and effective music, including educational experiences for individuals and groups.


Chris is currently making new music, you can support and find out more about his upcoming projects by following him on Patreon. Music classes are available online through his music school, Drum Every Day.

Chris's collection entitled MOVE will be used for Miranda's upcoming 30-day online course; Introduction to Modern Dance. This workshop will be available in 2021.


Chris' music for dance and other compositions can be purchased on this site or via his Bandcamp page. Click the buttons provided below.