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Dance Equations online courses for teachers

Teach Mathematics With Dance

Revitalize your classroom and energize your students!
Arts integration ideas, online courses, lesson plans,
coaching, and performances.

Learn to motivate your students with dance and explore the math curriculum through movement.

Dance Equations travels internationally to work with schools and community groups. We offer workshops, professional development, and performances.  Additionally, for immediate access,

a step-by-step online training program.


Using dance to teach mathematics saves you time, money, and valuable resources, and no previous dance training is required! Hire our team, become a host school, or learn online. Begin today, and gain access to our video archives, books, lessons, music, classroom poster PDF files, and more.


We work with universities, schools, homeschooling parents, and community groups.

Countdown to our next event! See a list of events on the event page.

"Inspiring young mathematicians,
one dance step at a time."